The digital force transducers of the CT3 series are made of the alloy or stainless steel. They are tensile/compressive force transducers and can be used in different fields of the engineering and industry. The CT3 force transducers can have the digital interface (RS232, RS485, USB2.0, Ethernet), analogue interface (5 V, 10 V, 4 … 20 mA) and frequency output (10 kHz ± 5 kHz, 60 kHz ± 30 kHz). The transducers can be connected to a PC, a microcontroller or a computer network directly.


Operating on the strain gauge principle

PC connection via COM-, USB-, Ethernet-ports

MS-Windows compatible software in the scope of supply

Protection class: IP65


Measuring range 10 N; 20 N; 50 N; 100 N; 200 N 500 N; 1 000 N
Accuracy class 0,2 %
Analog output ±5V
Digital output RS232
Sample rate 5 kHz
ADC resolution 13 bit
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Temperatura otoczenia 0…60 °C
Stopień ochrony IP65

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