Multichannel, digital, modular, strain gauge amplifier AT1 is used for amplifying, converting and translating SG signals into a PC. AT1 has modular structure. It consists of an amplifier-converter, аn USB-adapter and a display unit. Due to its modular architecture you can configure from 8 up to 64 measuring channels. The PROFI software included in the scope of supply enables you the real-time digital and graphical displaying of measurement signals, the recording and storing measurement data.
The AT5 Measuring Amplifier is designed for measurements with transducers operating on the strain-gauge principle. The amplifier helps to measure relative deformations, vibrations, torque and bending moments, forces, weights, pressures and other parameters. The AT5 is available in two versions. The AT5 version has an voltage output. The second version (AT5 / 1) has a current output. The amplifier operates from an on-board DC network with voltage from 10 up to 30 V.
AT50 amplifiers, converts and feeds SG signals into a PC, digital display unit or another digital device. The AT50can used for measurements of relative strain, vibration, torque and bending moment, force, weight, pressure and other physical values, when the source of signals are the strain gauges . The AT50 works from DC network with voltage from 12 up to 30 V