About us

Currently, TILKOM offers high-quality modern force and torque sensors used in all branches of industry and science. Our products are comprehensive measurement solutions consisting of sensors, signal converters and dedicated and developed by us software.

The main direction of the company’s development are rotary, contactless torque sensors based on telemetry technology. Thanks to the non-contact signal transmission from the rotating shaft, our sensors allow you to achieve very high speeds and their operation is trouble-free.

Our group of customers includes: automotive and aviation industry, power plants and scientific and research units around the world.

We also carry out special orders for complete test stands for measuring forces and torques.

Our laboratory is equipped with own test stands for calibrating our sensors during the production phase and during their subsequent operation. TILKOM has international certificates, including implemented ISO 9001 for production quality management, and a CE declaration of conformity for our products.

From 2019, the distributor of TILKOM sensors and measurement products  in EU is REGULATO company located in POLAND.