The CT1 force transducers measure static and dynamic forces in various industrial and engineering applications. The CT1 force transducers have digital (RS232/485, USB 2.0, Ethernet interfaces) and analogue (5 V, 10 V, 4 … 20 mA) outputs. Transducers can be connected to a PC, a microcontroller or to a computer network directly.


Operating on the strain gauge principle

PC connection via COM-, USB-, Ethernet-ports

MS-Windows compatible software in the scope of supply


Measuring range 10 N; 20 N; 50 N; 100 N; 200 N 500 N; 1 000 N
Accuracy class 0,2 %
Analog output ±5V
Digital output RS232
Sample rate 5 kHz
ADC resolution 13 bit
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Temperatura otoczenia 0…60 °C
Stopień ochrony IP65

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