The M40H Torque Transducers measure constant and variable torque, speed and mechanical power on rotating and stationary shafts.


Operating on the strain gauge principle

Measuring static and dynamic torque in any direction (clockwise, counterclockwise)

MS-Windows compatible software in the scope of supply

PC connection via COM-, USB-, Ethernet-ports

Built-in speed measurement system

Through hole Ø 100 mm along the spin axis

Flange mounting

No bearings, no slip-rings construction


Rotating transducer YES
Measuring range ±3 kNm; ±5 kNm; ±6 kNm
Maximum rotational speed 4000 rpm
Accuracy class 0,2 %
Analog output ±5V
Digital output RS232
Sample rate 5 kHz
ADC resolution 13 bit
Supply voltage 12…24 V DC
Temperatura otoczenia 0…60 °C

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