Program do wizualizacji i rejestracji danych pomiarów z czujników momentu i siły

The Transducer software enables to display, to save and to control the measurement process. It supports the torque transducers of M type and the force transducers of CT type.


  • Displaying, recording and monitoring of torque, force (weight), rotation speed, rotor temperature and calculating of mechanical power;
  • Displaying data in digital and graphical form;
  • Recording and saving data in the text format;
  • Data filtering;
  • Autoidentification of the connected transducer type;
  • «Tara» function;
  • Operating with up to 8 (eight) transducers simultaneously (M40, M20C, MA20 and CT)
  • Support of USB 2.0, RS232, RS485 (Modbus) Ethernet interfaces
  • Running under Windows XP, Windows 7-32 (64) bit